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Saturday, August 6, 2011

I can't say it enough...Thank You!

Tenderfeet Stitches has brought with it the opportunity to meet many people. Some of them make me laugh and smile while a small few simply make me wrinkle my brow. I have made friends that support and encourage me and I feel very blessed to have them all in my life. Many of the people I have met are amazingly talented, helpful, kind, encouraging, honest and inspiring. Their support keeps me going through my most difficult days and pushes me onward when I’d rather just wedge myself behind the washing machine with that shamefully unfinished pettiskirt my daughter has already outgrown. At the end of the day, I take a moment and I acknowledge where I am, how I’ve gotten there and who has helped me along my way. I think of my family, friends, customers, editor, accountant, testers and photographer. Yesterday was a big day for me, as I checked my inbox I found the gold at the end of the rainbow. Way better than the cutest leprechaun in make-believe land adorn in Tenderfeet Stitches attire, I discovered the sparkling awe of Erica Finnan and her astounding talent. Every single time I see her photographs I think she has hit her summit until I see the next one and realize her talent will only continue to soar. She is a kind and extremely talented woman and I am truly grateful to share my journey with her. She makes my designs shine in a way I could never and her little models are adorably angelic. Thank you so much Erica, for another round of fantastic photographs and for all the effort you put into making them beautiful. Thank you to everyone who has and continues to support me along my little journey.

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