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Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Name Game

Well, in light of several current events, I am moving the name game for my upcoming tutorial onto this blog. I have selected many of my favorite suggestions and just ask that you comment below with your favorite(s). You may choose up to three names. If you are having trouble commenting, simply email your choices to The winning name will become the name of the pictured dress and the contributor will receive the completed tutorial free of charge. Thanks so much for helping me decide and following me to my blog. Voting will close when I finish writing the tutorial, within the next week.

Please choose no more than three (3) names.

Mandy Carey Sweet Sassafras
Leah Curran Picnic in the Park
Courtney White Martin Sweetheart Dress/Top
Abbie Simpelo-Dyer Tallulah
Little Tickle Boutique Bella Rose
Pamela Bell The Meadow Brooke
MaukyJo Shoulder Tie Apron Dress/Top
Jheri Jordan Heart of Dixie
Jheri Jordan Shabumpkin Summer Dress/Top
Micheline Nadeau Fairbank Little House on the Prarie Summer Dress
Amber Wirth Mommy's Little Helper

Votes via email

Mommys little helper
Little house on the prairie
The Meadow Brooke


  1. Sweet Sassafras
    Heart of Dixie

  2. Just found your blog...AND I am loving it! I would love to sew one of these for my Granbabe...and what fun is the chance to name your here goes.....
    * GrAmMyS GaRdEn GiRl
    * TiSkEt-TaSkEt...GrAb YouR GaRdEn BaSkEt
    * CoTtOn CriSp

    Loving it!

  3. I am so hoping this is not over..I guess I jumped in before I read the entire blog...THANKS